We’ve got your back! How Comfi is changing the bed shopping experience

We’ve got your back! How Comfi is changing the bed shopping experience

Gone are the days when chasing after a good night’s sleep meant spending hours going from store to store testing out different mattresses and pillows. It’s exhausting, time consuming and somewhat overwhelming with all the different brands, firmness levels and fabrications. Here’s a guide on how we are disrupting this.

Since launching a year ago, Comfi has had one goal, ok, maybe 2; 1) To demystify the bed shopping experience by making it easy, less time-consuming and efficient, and 2) To provide New Zealanders with locally-made, luxury and high-quality beds at half the price.

  1. Getting digi-with it

Our user-friendly website is both detailed and simple. Detailed in that everything you need to know about our mattresses and pillows is there, from the materials used, to where they’re sourced from, to what their functions are. There’s also a guide to know what type of mattress and pillow is best suited to you and your needs. Simple in that we have 2 ranges of mattresses, the Natural and the Supernatural, available in all sizes- single, king-single, double, queen, king and super king – as well as 3 types of pillows. You simply choose your mattress and/or pillow, add to cart and proceed to check out.

  1. Cutting costs but not quality

We’re super proud of the fact that the holy grail of good sleep is now more accessible to New Zealanders at an affordable price. We have partnered with one of New Zealand’s best bed manufacturers who work with a host of trusted local material suppliers whose priority is ethical practices and the traceability of quality raw materials. From the sought after, luxurious NZ wool right through to the foam, all of these are sustainably produced. So how are we able to offer our premium sleep solutions at 50% off the retail price of similarly costed big brand beds?  Simple, we cut out the middle people and processes- sales reps, showroom costs, import duties - buy offering our premium NZ-made beds online. And even though there are many online bed retailers popping up at the moment, our mattresses are not delivered in a box but in their full-size glory, as mattresses are meant to be. What’s more is that delivery is free. 

  1. Give Back

As a family run and owned business, spearheaded by two Mums, Vicki and Susie, we believe so much in our product and the importance of quality sleep that we want to get New Zealanders sleeping better and living their best lives, especially our kids. With every 5 beds sold we will donate a brand new Comfi sleep solution (base, mattress and pillow) to tamiriki in need and with every mattress bought we will donate one of our memory fibre pillows. Research shows that 28 000 children in New Zealand are hospitalized each year for diseases linked to inadequate bedding. We support a few grass roots organisations and have already donated full sleep solutions with Buttabean Motivation by Dave Letele, who transforms the lives of Māori and Pasifika through a community approach to health and wellbeing. Also, with Woven Earth, a charity that works with New Zealand Police, Victim Support, Shine, Island Charitable Trust and Refugees across the Auckland area. They assist in rebuilding families who have experienced violence and to help create safe and nurturing homes for each whānau. Read more about our You Buy We Give initiative here.

  1. 100 night free trial

Part of what contributes to the overwhelm of retail bed shopping is not knowing if you and your mattress will actually be the right fit. The 5 minutes you spend trying out each mattress is like speed dating, it may feel quite nice in the moment but as with any long term commitment, first dates can be deceiving. Spending time together cuddled up and getting to know each other is an important step before any commitment. This is why we offer a 100-night Rest Easy Trial so you and your new Comfi can, well, get comfy with each other. If after the trial your sleep hasn’t improved and you are not 100% sold, we will refund you in full so you can move on without resentment.

We’ve taken out the intimidation of online bed shopping. The best night’s sleep of your life is just one (or maybe 2) clicks away. Go and see for yourself. https://comfi.co.nz/