Gareth O'Donnell

Gareth O'Donnell

Meet Coach G, otherwise known as Gareth O’Donnell, Product Director at The Edison Clinic and Founder of Sleep Loop. Gareth's journey to becoming a health and fitness coach started in the military. After his tenure in East Timor his career in the fitness industry took off, with a particular focus on fitness. He soon started to explore the other aspects of health (sleep, nutrition and psychology), and now provides his clients with well-rounded programmes to address their specific health and fitness concerns.  

Gareth lives, breathes and sleeps what he preaches. He believes that the foundation to achieving your best life starts on your bed. As such he developed Sleep Loop, a scalable corporate health solution, designed to systematically improve sleep. He and his team developed a sleep coaching system that educates and implements key circadian strategies to realign clients' circadian function and drive better sleep outcomes. As a Dad of three, he believes it's never too late to instill good sleep habits.

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    10-year warranty on all beds

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    Proudly New Zealand made

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