• Take Vicki and her kids Mia, Oscar and Axel. Add Susie and Sophia, Cam and Emma. Season with a couple of scruffy dogs and opinionated husbands or opinionated dogs and scruffy husbands, it depends on the day. Add a pandemic lockdown.

  • How Vicki and Susie made good out of that is anybody’s guess. But here they are with a seventh child between them - Comfi.

  • Inspired by an immense dislike of bed shopping, fueled by a very real need to give back and percolated during a pandemic lockdown, Susie and Vicki are dreaming big. They want every child in New Zealand who doesn’t presently have their own bed to have one.

So here it is: New Zealand’s first online bed store with a social purpose hand sewn into every centimetre of every New Zealand made mattress.

Over one in 10 children in New Zealand don’t have their own beds.

They’re either sharing with others or sleeping on a couch or the floor. These kids are at higher risk of infectious diseases. They’re also not getting the sleep they need to start the day refreshed and ready for school.

Around 15,000 kiwi kids are admitted to hospital with a housing related condition each year, sometimes multiple times over winter.

Can you help us change this?

Reference: Child Poverty Monitor 2018

We’re working with grassroots charity Woven Earth to get beds to kids who need them.

Woven Earth support New Zealand Police, Victim Support, Shine, Island Charitable Trust and Refuges across the Auckland area.

Every five Comfi beds sold,  Vicki and Susie will donate a complete sleep solution to a Kiwi kid in need – the bed, the base and the pillow.

You Buy, We Give. Let’s dream big.