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What 'feel' is right for me?


Get a deep, body-hugging feel from softer foams and extra padding in the pillow top.

Great for:

Those who know they like a soft, cushiony feel

Lighter-weight people who often find mattresses to be too firm

Side sleepers who like extra contouring


Our #1 seller, preferred by our customers. Designed to replicate the comfort level used in luxury hotels.

Great for:

A perfect balance of comfort and uplifting support

Couples who can't agree on a firmness level

Every range of sleep style


Designed to feel like you're lying on the mattress rather than sinking in, with firmer foams for balanced resistance.

Great for:

Those who know they want a very firm mattress

Back and stomach sleepers or heavier body types

If your doctor recommends an extra-firm mattress

Comfi Mattress Benefits

Ultimate Temperature Regulation

The partnership of 100 percent natural wool and latex together with advanced open cell materials drawing moisture and heat away from your body and the mattress, lets your temperature stay nicely regulated.

Advanced Support across your entire body

Advanced comfort layer technology combined with NZ made foam and 100% natural latex holds your body in natural suspension whilst
providing enhanced pressure relief across hips, shoulders and back.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

And because this bed has 100’s of individual pocket springs operating separately from one another, partner disturbance only exists if it’s you that starts the party!

See why people love our Mattress

Boys try to go to bed earlier

Boys have slept like logs since they got them and even try to go to bed earlier which is a pretty good sign.

Stephen Ferguson

Wow! This bed is amazing!

Wow! This bed is amazing! I got a good nights sleep from the first time I used it. The mattress is firm enough to offer support and soft with the topper.


I can get a great nights sleep and wake refreshed

I find after a long week of workouts I can get a great nights sleep and wake refreshed. On the weekend it is comfortable to lie around on and watch tv.


I no longer get a sore neck or headaches

Since having my new bed and memory pillow I no longer get a sore neck or headaches. This has been life changing for me.


I love being in a bigger bed

My bed is so comfortable and I love being in a bigger bed. I notice the difference when I sleep away from home.

John Doe

Comfy sleep

Comfy sleep and don't wake up in the morning with sore hips anymore.


I had no back pain

My Comfi soft bed is fantastic. I had no back pain when I woke up this morning.


Poppy sleeps right through till morning

Our 7year old daughter Poppy always woke during the night and come to our room, We were sure it was due to the mattress and cold snap winter nights I'm sure were not helping. Since we have replaced the mattress with one of the Comfi Pillow Top mattresses Poppy sleeps right through till morning. Our dilemma is now getting her to get OUT of bed so were not late for school.


All members of my family love using it

My bed is so comfortable that when I am away, other members of my family love using it.


I am absolutely loving my bed

I am absolutely loving my bed, it's the best I've slept in a really long time.


The most comfortable bed I have ever slept in

My Super King Classic is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

Service was really good and delivery time was efficient.


I feel like a queen

I love my bed Classic Queen bed. Very happy.


Amazing quality mattress

Extremely comfortable with great support. A very reasonable price in comparison to other mattresses. Excellent customer service.


Cloud like mattress

Cloud like mattress that allows me to sleep 40,000+ seconds every night

Simon Von Velthoovan

I have bought beds for everyone in our family

I have bought beds for everyone in our family and we absolutey love them. Rate 5 out of 5 and would definitely recommend. Found you through word of mouth; website easy to use. Biggest seller was how quickly you got the beds to us as other retailers were saying 6 weeks.


I have a much better sleep

The bed height is lower and is lighter to move around. It was very convenient and seamless ordering online, at a great price too.

Justine Todd

Frequently asked questions
Can I try a Comfi bed before I buy it? +

Comfi began with the idea in Covid of selling high-quality mattresses online. It's how we keep those middlemen out and our overheads low, which means we can keep our prices affordable for you every day. Besides, we believe the best way to know if a mattress is right for you is by trying it in the comfort of your own home. That's why we give you the opportunity to sleep on your Comfi bed at home for 100 nights, with a no-hassle return policy.

For those living in Auckland, we have recently opened a sleep store so come and visit us at our Comfi Hub on the corner of Beach Road and Anzac Avenue, Auckland Central.

What can I do with my old mattress when I buy a new one? +

For those living in Auckland and the wider area, we have partnered with Junk2Go who (for a super reasonable fee) are able to come and collect and remove your old bed for you. What’s even better is that they have a large depot where items are sorted and packaged up for recycling, donating or taken to a local refuse station.

For those located elsewhere in NZ, if your old mattress is on the way out but you're not sure what to do with it, we've got some ideas! Consider donating it to a local charitable organization so that your mattress can go to someone in need; or find a local community group online and post your donatable goods.

How does the 100 night rest easy money back guarantee work? +

We want you to love your Comfi mattress and know it can take the body at least 30 days to adjust to a new bed. So, we will give you 100 nights to try it out. If you’re not 100% in love after the first 30 nights, we will pick it up, hassle free, and give you a full refund. For more information on our 100 night rest easy trial, click HERE

Do Comfi mattresses contain any harmful chemicals? +

We wouldn’t sell it to you if there were. Our beds are proudly made in New Zealand by The Comfort Group who have been in the bed business for 80 years. Our products are made from the highest standards and contain no nasties.

Which is the best mattress to use if you have allergies? +

Both our Supernatural and Natural mattresses are great for those with allergies due to the wool and natural latex in the Supernatural.

What are the measurements of your mattresses including the base? +

Natural Mattress
SINGLE - 24H x 91W x 188L
KING SINGLE - 24H x 107W x 203L
DOUBLE - 24H x 137W x 188L
QUEEN - 24H x 153W x 203L
KING - 24H x 167W x 203L
SUPERKING - 24H x 183W x 203L
Base Height - 25cm
Legs - 10cm

Super Natural Mattress
SINGLE - 29H x 91W x 188L
KING SINGLE - 29H x 107W x 203L
DOUBLE - 29H x 137W x 188L
QUEEN - 29H x 153W x 203L
KING - 29H x 167W x 203L
SUPERKING - 29H x 183W x 203L
Base Height - 25cm
Legs - 10cm

PRO TIP: If you are downsizing for any reason, please contact us to ensure you are aware of the changes in length.

Should I use a mattress protector? +

Um, YES! A mattress protector is the best way to keep your bed in tip top condition and luckily for you, we sell those too. It is worth purchasing a mattress protector to help maintain the cleanliness of your mattress, as protectors can be easily removed from your bed and washed.

Can I use an electric blanket? +


Sleep Experts

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A comfortable bed and a pillow perfect for how you sleep; why are these simple requirements for a good night's sleep so elusive for so many of us? Dan's here to help.


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