What is the best size mattress for me?

What is the best size mattress for me?

Size does matter. One of the most critical decisions you can make is selecting the right size mattress for either yourself, your child/teen or you and your partner. Mattress size plays a key role in getting a good quality sleep. No arms being smacked into a face, no feet hanging off the edge of the bed.  Having the right size mattress is not just about individual comfort, but also ensuring a blissful partnership and sleep with your loved one.

 There are three major considerations when thinking about which bed size to get:

  1. How many people will be sleeping with you?
  2. What is the size of the person who will be sharing the mattress with you?
  3. Do you co-share with your children and/or pets too?

 *Please note, here at Comfi, we will hold no judgement as to what any of your answers are to the above questions…

 As a rule, to get the best sleep if you are sharing your bed with one other is to have at least a Queen size mattress. This helps ensure you are not disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night, unless they sleep like a starfish or go around and around like a dog finding its comfortable spot.

 Another thing to consider is if one of you is particularly tall or broad. The Queen might begin to feel a bit too close for comfort.

 But here is something you may never have considered if there are two of you sharing a bed. A Super King mattress is the size of two Single mattresses together. So let’s just consider this for a moment. If there are two of you that share a King size mattress, you are each sleeping in a space that is smaller than what a child has in a single bed.


So, let’s delve a bit more into mattress sizes.

 A Single mattress is the perfect first bed for your child. It measures 91W x 188L.

 A King Single mattress works well for tall teenagers or a spare bed for a single adult guest. It measures 107W x 203L.

A Double mattress is a generous size for a single adult or teenager. 137W x 188L.

A Queen mattress is really the minimum size to choose if you sleep with a partner. Quite frankly, who would want to feel their partner? It measures 153W x 203L.

A King mattress has plenty of room and length for an average size couple. It measures 167W x 203L.

A Super King is perfect if you have a large bedroom and prefer not to feel their partner as it has more width than a King. 183W x 203L.

And finally the MacDaddy, a California King mattress, which is 203W x 203L. You would need a passport to get anywhere near your partner and/or have all the kids and the dog in the bed with you.

So, no matter who you choose to sleep with, investing in the right size mattress is actually quite important. Don’t rush into picking a certain size mattress because that’s what you have always had. This is an 8-10 year investment.

Which leads us on to the final point that Susie and Vicki care very much about helping you select the right mattress so give us a call on 0508 GET COMFI or email us at hello@comfi.co.nz and we will ensure that when it comes to things that matter, size does count.