New Comfi mattress top tips

New Comfi mattress top tips

Top tips for the best care of your new Comfi mattress

If you want your mattress to perform its best and to last, then read our top care tips.

Let your mattress breathe
As soon as you can, unwrap the plastic and let your mattress breathe.  Keep it in a dry place in your home. Don’t leave it stored in plastic in any potential damp spaces.

A mattress protector is your best line of defence
By having a mattress protector, you’re protecting yourself from the billions of bacteria — sweat, lint, dust mites, mucus, soil, sand, cosmetics and food to name a few — that you’d otherwise be breathing in every night.  A mattress protector is your best line of defence. So as long as your mattress is shielded, then you’re left with just washing the sheets on a regular basis.

Turn your mattress… (but don’t flip your Comfi mattress)
You should turn your mattress ends every time you change your sheets at least for the first three months, then every three or four months after that. This will help the foam and latex to settle down more evenly.

Meet in the middle every so often or try the other side of your mattress
For the first few months spread out and use the full surface of the mattress by lying in the centre or other side of your bed. This is so the top layer stays even and none of those bed humps form.

Always use the right size fitted sheets
If the fitted sheet is too tight, it can change the feel of the bed and you won’t enjoy the maximum comfort of your mattress.

Give the mattress some air and some sunlight when you can
As well as airing your mattress when it's brand new, you should get into the habit of airing it daily to keep your mattress fresh by throwing back your duvet and pillows in the mornings.  This will allow body moisture to evaporate out.

Keep your mattress clean
A mattress protector is your best line of defence.  It is advised to vacuum the mattress and base from time to time to remove this dust. This will keep your mattress fresh and help prevent allergy flare ups that can occur due to microbes and dust mites. Did you know the average adult sheds around 454g of dead skin over the course of a year, much of which ends up nestled in your bed! 

You have a 10 year Warranty 

Your new Comfi bed has a 10 year Warranty.  For your full Warranty details, visit warranty information page.

NB: It can take 2- 4 weeks for your mattress to adjust to your body and how you sleep. Just like buying a new pair of shoes.  

Some tips on what NOT to do!

Don’t remove border labels or tags
The border label on your new bed contains important information to help identify your mattress for any warranty claims or concerns.

Don’t use chemical cleaning agents on your mattress
Chemicals contained in some cleaning agents may damage the fabric or underlying materials in your mattress. Instead use an upholstery shampoo to clean and remove stains from your mattress.

Don’t bend or jump on your mattress under any circumstances
This may cause damage to the internal construction of your mattress.

Don’t eat, drink or smoke on your bed
No matter how careful you are, eating or drinking in bed can lead to spills. This can result in odours lingering and can lead to mold and other infestations. Besides being a fire hazard, the smoke from smoking leaves behind an odour that saturates into the mattress.

  • 100 night

    100 night "Rest Easy" money back guarantee

  • 10-year warranty on all beds

    10-year warranty on all beds

  • Proudly New Zealand made

    Proudly New Zealand made

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    Free fast delivery for all Auckland customers