How to choose your Comfi

How to choose your Comfi

Often in life things that we like aren’t necessarily good for us. When it comes to mattresses, it’s much the same. Although we may prefer a soft one over a firm one, to get the best night’s rest it’s better to consider how you sleep, your body type and if you have any health issues or pain points. 

These are a few guidelines to help navigate finding your choice Comfi. We are 100% confident that if you follow these when shopping on our site you will find your perfect match.

Your sleep style

 Are you a tummy, back or side sleeper or a combination of these? This is a good place to start because how we habitually sleep can inform the type of mattress that is best suited to getting the most restorative rest. 

Tummy sleepers would generally do better on a medium to firm mattress, because it supports the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine by preventing an unnatural arch and compression in these areas when sleeping stomach side down.

Side sleepers would do best with a mattress that’s soft or medium because the softer the surface the more it can contour your natural curvature and the firmer it is the more support it provides to alleviate pressure on pressure points.

Back sleepers would generally do well on a mattress that is on the spectrum of medium to firm to prevent curvature in the spine. Spending hours on your back asleep needs to be done in a way that supports your spine’s natural alignment and a medium to firmer mattress does just this whilst also contouring to your shape.


What’s your body type?

 Lighter builds do well with softer mattresses. Because their body weight is lighter, (and if they don’t have any back pain) compression on joints isn’t as intense. A soft mattress can contour to the person’s shape and weight providing an ideal sleep experience. 

 Average to heavier builds benefit more from mattresses on the firmer side of the spectrum because when horizontal their weight can impact compression of their joints and curvature of their spines. 

 By far the most suitable mattress for all body types are those in the medium firmness range, assuming the person doesn’t have any back pain. This is because medium mattresses provide both the contouring of softer mattresses as well as the support of firmer ones. 

Do you suffer from back pain or any other health issues?

 Those who suffer from back pain would do well on medium mattresses mainly because they offer both contouring and firmness. If a mattress is too soft it can encourage you to sink and create misalignment of the spine. If it is too hard it can intensify back pain. Layers of Foam is an all-rounder in this regard, it contours the body as well as provide just the right amount of firmness. 

Regulate body temperature

For those who battle to regulate body temperature when sleeping, it’s advised to go for a mattress that is composed of natural materials. Both Comfi ranges - Natural and Super Natural - have a wool layer underneath the top fabric to provide a soft, natural feel, and to enhance breathability, which creates a drier sleep environment.

Our range of Super Naturals however also have a natural latex layer that is hole-punched allowing for air flow. This latex layer draws heat and moisture away from the body to regulate body temperature.

Here is our chart listing the properties and benefits of both ranges of Comfi mattresses, the Natural and Super Natural

Comfi mattress comparison table

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