Help! I'm middle aged and lost my libido!

Help! I'm middle aged and lost my libido!

It's Valentine's month here at Comfi and what better topic to address than "Help! I'm middle-aged and can't find my libido."  We know many of you can (quietly) relate!

We are hosting 2 amazing experts in this area from both a female and male perspective. It seemed a pretty natural follow on from our previous podcast on Perimenopause and Sleep. 

Answering questions like; Why does menopause put your libido on pause? What is the science happening in our bodies to cause the change in our forties and fifties.  

Watch the recorded Podcast here,

Meet the Experts:

Morgan Penn
Morgan is NZ's leading Somatic Sexologist.  She works with individuals and couples to reconnect and enhance their sex life.  Fun and funnybut with a serious message, she is passionate about breaking taboos around sex, bodies and pleasure.

Gareth O'Donnell
I've worked in the health and fitness space for 22 years as a coach, Gym owner, Corporate Health Programme lead and product manager. I have taken a deep dive into the importance of sleep on not only your physical health but your mental health.

Experts recommendations from Podcast:
Morgan Penn
My podcast Sex.Life:

Books: Come as you are, Emily Nagoski . The Wild Womans Way, Michaela Boehm

Supplements I recommend : Maca Root and Ashwaghanda


Gareth O'Donnell
Behaviours that improve testosterone

Supplements for testosterone augmentation

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