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Memory Fibre Pillow - Medium

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Feel: Medium
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Ideal for back and side sleepers
Your pillow should support the natural curvature of your spine. Bear in mind that too large may tilt your head forwards and too small may tilt your head backwards.
  • Provides a similar feel to feather & down but has a responsiveness and support element that provides stable and even neck/spinal support.
  • Made with NZ made memory foam 
  • Asthma and Allergy friendly pillow cover
  • Breathable material
Memory Fibre Pillow - MediumMemory Fibre Pillow - Medium

100 night sleep trial

What our experts say

Meet Comfi's Sleep Specialist


A comfortable bed and a pillow perfect for how you sleep; why are these simple requirements for a good night's sleep so elusive for so many of us? Dan's here to help.


Meet Comfi'sSleep Specialist

Miria Aman


New Zealand’ s first online bed store with a social purpose

Every time someone buys a Comfi bed we’ll donate a new pillow to a kiwi kid who needs it. Every five beds we sell, we’ll donate a complete comfi solution – the bed, the base and the pillow.

Frequently asked questions
How do I choose the right pillow for me? +

According to our sleep specialist, Dan Halliday, the best pillow for you is one that meets your contours and sleeping position, as well as the density of your mattress. It should fit like a glove. The goal is to allow your neck and spine to be aligned properly so there is no gap between your neck and mattress. It should provide support for the head, neck, and upper spine while the body is lying in bed in a resting position.

If you are a:

Your pillow should support the natural curvature of your spine. Bear in mind that too large may tilt your head forwards and too small may tilt your head backwards. We would suggest a firm to medium pillow.

Be sure the gap between your head and shoulders is filled by a pillow so that your spine maintains a midline position. We would suggest a medium to soft pillow.

When sleeping on your stomach, your pillow should be relatively flat, to keep your spine in alignment. This will minimise strain on the neck/lumbar region. We would suggest a soft pillow.

How do I clean my Comfi pillow? +

To increase the lifespan of your pillow, we recommend cleaning your pillows at least twice a year (either via a machine or dry cleaning). Here are some tips on how to clean our Comfi pillows:

- To get rid of dust or dirt on the pillow, vacuum both sides, or tumble in the dryer on the no-heat or air-only cycle for 20 minutes.

- Spot clean any soiled areas with a cloth dipped in a mild sudsy soap solution. Lightly rinse with a damp cloth. (FYI, wet foam tears easily, so be gentle with the water and soap solution.)

- Allow the pillow to air dry completely before putting it back on the bed or couch.

How often should I replace my pillow? +

Ideally, you should replace your pillows every one to two years, but this time frame can vary based on several factors. Below are some reasons why you may need to replace your pillow:

- Pillows can get pretty dirty: While we sleep, the oils and debris from our skin become embedded in our pillow (and not just the pillowcase—the actual pillow).

- Your pillow has lost its shape: As our pillows age, they tend to lose their shape. This goes double if you fold, bend, or squeeze your pillows at night.

- Your pillow just isn’t comfy anymore: Your pillow’s purpose is to provide comfort and support as you drift off to dreamland. No matter what anyone says about how long pillows last, if your pillow’s not fulfilling the reason for its existence, it’s time to part ways.

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I no longer get a sore neck or headaches

Since having my new bed and memory pillow I no longer get a sore neck or headaches. This has been life changing for me.


Boys try to go to bed earlier

Boys have slept like logs since they got them and even try to go to bed earlier which is a pretty good sign.

Stephen Ferguson

Wow! This bed is amazing!

I got a good nights sleep from the first time I used it. The mattress is firm enough to offer support and soft with the topper.


I can get a great nights sleep

I find after a long week of workouts I can get a great nights sleep and wake refreshed. On the weekend it is comfortable to lie around on and watch tv.


I love being in a bigger bed

My bed is so comfortable and I love being in a bigger bed. I notice the difference when I sleep away from home.


Comfy sleep

Comfy sleep and don't wake up in the morning with sore hips anymore.


I had no back pain

My Comfi soft bed is fantastic. I had no back pain when I woke up this morning.


Poppy sleeps right through till morning

Our 7year old daughter Poppy always woke during the night and come to our room, We were sure it was due to the mattress and cold snap winter nights I'm sure were not helping. Since we have replaced the mattress with one of the Comfi Pillow Top mattresses Poppy sleeps right through till morning. Our dilemma is now getting her to get OUT of bed so were not late for school.


All members of my family love using it

My bed is so comfortable that when I am away, other members of my family love using it.


I am absolutely loving my bed

I am absolutely loving my bed, it's the best I've slept in a really long time.


My Super King Classic is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

Service was really good and delivery time was efficient.


I feel like a queen

I love my bed Classic Queen bed. Very happy.


Amazing quality mattress

Extremely comfortable with great support. A very reasonable price in comparison to other mattresses. Excellent customer service.


Cloud like mattress

Cloud like mattress that allows me to sleep 40,000+ seconds every night

Simon Von Velthoovan

I have bought beds for everyone in our family

I have bought beds for everyone in our family and we absolutey love them. Rate 5 out of 5 and would definitely recommend. Found you through word of mouth; website easy to use. Biggest seller was how quickly you got the beds to us as other retailers were saying 6 weeks.


I have a much better sleep

The bed height is lower and is lighter to move around. It was very convenient and seamless ordering online, at a great price too.

Justine Todd

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The best pillow ever

My best nights sleep with this one!

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