To obtain the best possible performance and to keep your bed in great condition, the following points should be adhered to.

  • DO turn and/or rotate your mattress frequently.
  • DO carry your mattress flat or on its side. This is a job for two people.
  • DO use a mattress protector. The use of a washable, good quality mattress protector will help keep your mattress clean. A waterproof sheet under the mattress protector may be useful for children’s beds.
  • DO air your bed. Airing your bed periodically by leaving bed linen off for several hours will allow condensation caused by body heat to evaporate.
  • DO vacuum your bed regularly using low suction.
  • DO treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape away soiling or mop any liquid. Use a clean, damp cloth and dry in shade away from direct heat. Allow to dry thoroughly before re-use.
  • DO firmly push in all base legs/castors supplied with your new base. This will enhance product life and provide optimum comfort.
  • DO replace your base when purchasing a new mattress. The base supports the entire mattress and old springs lose their strength and support. By not using the intended base with your new mattress, damage can occur to the product. This is not a manufacturing fault.
  • DO dispose of all plastic packaging immediately and appropriately. Bags are polyethylene and can be recycled, but are dangerous for young children. Please ensure the plastic is properly discarded.
  • DO store your mattress in a breathable bag.
  • DO ensure your mattress and base are appropriately packaged when transporting or storing your bed to prevent structural damage or condensation which can cause dampness and mildew, thus voiding the guarantee. If your mattress has a Pocket Spring or Latex core support system, lay your bed flat for storage as storing on its end will damage the bed.
  • DON’T place plastic bags near children as they could cause suffocation.
  • DON’T remove border labels or tags. The border label on your new bed contains information to help identify the mattress you own, should you have any future concerns.
  • DON’T use cleaning agents on your mattress. Chemicals contained in some cleaning agents may damage the fabric or underlying materials in your mattress. To remove a stain or mark, use a clean damp cloth only.
  • DON’T bend or jump on your mattress under any circumstances. This may cause damage to the internal construction of your mattress.
  • DON’T smoke in bed.
  • DON’T saturate fabric with water or other cleaning liquid.
  • DON’T use dishwashing or laundry detergent.
  • DON’T scrub with a stiff brush.

We know you will love your new Comfi bed. It has been our pleasure to design and make it for you using only the finest materials available.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product, assuring you the most comfortable nights sleep for years to come. You can feel confident that your Comfi bed will provide you with the long lasting comfort and support you deserve.